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Solar Powered Garden Water Fountain Bowls Decorated

Solar Powered Garden Water Fountain Bowls Decorated

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?Smooth and natural design, the water flows from the upper bowl to the lower bowl. The continuous flow of water makes people feel the vitality of nature.

Adding rockery decoration in the garden or other outdoor areas is a wonderful way to create natural beauty and relieve one's own pressure. When we calmed down and listened to the sound of the running water, it was as if the troubles were also taken away by the running water.

Energy saving and environmental protection, using solar panels for power supply, only need to face the charging plate to the direction of the sun to obtain electricity.

Flowing water can also be used as a natural humidifier, and fountains can be used in outdoor and indoor environments.


  • Sturdy Water Pump Waterfall: Sturdy construction made of polyresin in natural stone look (granite), shining water play with warm LED light.

  • Solar Powered Garden Fountain: Energy-saving and environmentally friendly fountain, it works by the solar panel charging, you just need to put the solar charging plate towards the direction of the sun then it can be charged.

  • Led Light Equipped: The added LED lights makes the feature looking beautiful day and night, illuminating your space. Also, it is a nice view at night.

  • Elegant Garden Decoration: The sound of running water calms people down, we recommend you place a waterfall at your garden or home, then after working entire day, you can relax your body and spirit in a more peaceful environment.

Dimensions & Details:
Fountain Dimensions
  • Width (cm): 21
  • Depth (cm): 21
  • Height (cm): 46.5
Solar Panel Dimensions
  • Width (cm): 16
  • Depth (cm): 19
  • Height (cm): 41
Pump, LED lights included.
Durable polyresin construction.
- Solar powered type (comes with Warm Yellow LED Lights)
Material: Resin, Stone
Power Source: ?Solar Powered
Power: 2.8W
Battery: 7.4V/1500MA

Package included:
  • 1x Garden Fountain
  • 1x Solar Panel
  • 1x Installation Kit
  • 1x User Manual
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Customer Reviews

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added a few pebbles to make the water sound more effective as live near traffic . Once the battery has charged up with sun for a week or so it seems to stay as now cloudy and still working. Very pleased